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Books - Exalted : War for the Throne ( Rulebook + Stuff)

The rulebook and some images from one of the two Exalted boardgames, War for the Throne. If anyone can supply scans of any components and cards plus a hi-res scan of the board...that would be great.

"The Empire Could Be Yours!

In a vast, fantastic world known as Creation, a dynastic empire called the Realm stood for hundreds of years, presided over by the powerful and cunning Scarlet Empress. She reigned with an absolute hand until the day she mysteriously disappeared, leaving a legacy of ruin. Before long, suitors to the throne dared make their bid for power. You are one of the contenders for the Scarlet Throne, a Dragon-Blooded who has amassed the vast armies, fortunes and magic necessary to seize your destiny. You seek to claim dominions and raise war manses, building power until you have the lore and strength to claim the Imperial Manse for your own.

Exalted: War for the Throne is a strategy board game for two to five players set in the world of Exalted®. Players amass legions, coin and essence, and bring all of their allies, will and luck to bear to claim the seat of power and become the new emperor of the Realm."

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